Notes from this morning's meeting with KL2 leadership

In attendance: Dr. Tsevat, Dr. Dougherty, and Ms. Wray

I brought a printout of my Aim 2 results so far and a progress report.


  • The mandatory CTSA meeting I will be attending is in spring 2019. The abstract deadline will be in January.
  • There was some discussion of courses. One suggestion was that I go for (another) M.S., because it might not take that many courses given that I would place out of many of them. The advantage would be that I would not have to go through the (presumably cumbersome?) non-degree student process. The disadvantage is that the tuition would take a significant chunk of research budget which I also need to cover lodging during my externship and my travel to CTSA.
  • The history behind some of the older KL2 proposals having a large portfolio of courses is that in 2011 the CTSA released a set of 97 core competencies that translational researchers should have, and the default path for a KL2 scholar was an MS program. Since then the need for an individualized curriculum has been recognized, so I really need to focus on the course or courses that I will actually need for my career as a scientist.
  • I pointed out that the course from my original list I would like to enroll in does prominently feature using electronic medical records in research.

Action items from this meeting:

  1. I need to separate the Timeline/Progress section into research vs. non-research activities.
  2. It was suggested I should read some systematic reviews of the management of kidney cancer (in addition to what I already have in my collection).
  3. MS curriculum is organized in modules. I need to find out when and by whom the kidney cancer modules are taught and ask Dr. Rodriguez about auditing just those modules. Probably about 3-6 lectures, much less time commitment than a full course.
  4. I will talk to the IRB folks about whether or not they feel it is necessary for me to take the course Dr. Summers teaches for MSCI
  5. I need to set up a meeting with Ms. Wray to figure out the logistics of enrolling in an MS course (after talking to Dr. Rodriguez) and get her suggestions on better organizing my progress report.
Written on September 27, 2018